Mum’s Garden

I have been spending time with Mum. Enjoying her springtime garden.   

Cool fountain in pool

There are some really huge tadpoles in this pool.

(right click on images and open in new tab to view as larger image)

Bench under Jasmine covered arch

Early morning view while drinking coffee.

Lonesome arum lily

This arum seeded itself in the stones in the pathway.

Ceramic sculptured head

All the plants bursting forth with new growth.

Blue flowers

I love the colour of these flowers…such a pretty border.

Yellow pansies

Yellow Black-eyed Susan's



Pink daisies

Mosaic bird bath

Close-up of mosaic bird bath

This bird bath Mum made (the mosaic) It is so pretty. The birds love it too. Especially a particular Robin who comes several times a day for a pre-longed splash.

Ceramic sculpture peeping through the Rue.



Bedroom view

Especially for you Rog and Shari!

Pink flowers


Late afternoon

Such a pretty light in the late afternoon. We love to sit outdoors and watch all the birds visiting the garden.


This particular orchid has four fronds of flowers like this!


My favourite!

Tree tomatoes

This plant is laden with tree tomatoes. We are soon in for a feast! I will bring some home for you guys!

Walk way to the bottom of the garden.

Furry tree-fern


Lovely lawn for romps and runs with Coco.


Dietes Iris




Native to South Africa
A common name  is a bird of paradise flower, or crane flower.


The birds love this plant. The branches are continually bobbing with birds landing and taking off.


For you Marti! Your daisies’ petals seem sparser and thinner.

A cabbage-like succulent


White rosebud

This rosebud is one the first of literally hundreds of white roses that will be opening over the next few days!

Everyday the garden has a new surprise.

“From all this peril here at last set free. In the garden all find security” Sufi Poet (unknown)

A place of comfort, nuturance and colourful insights.

Supportive, peaceful and uplifting.


9 thoughts on “Mum’s Garden

  1. Magical magnificence !!! What a heavenly, joyful garden. I can see the inspiration of your creative skills, Jane. Thank you for sharing this walk around your Mum’s garden. A spring celebration XXX

  2. PS we have erigeron too 🙂 such a happy little spreader … Those lilac daisies I posted at your fb page are (wildflower) asters ~ or Michaelmas daisy x x x

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